The Counselling Practice is Hampstead Counselling London’s branch located in Heswall, Wirral specialising in Psychotherapy and Counselling for both Individuals and Couples
“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”
– Ben Okri
We all experience times of loss and hardship in our lives. We may be struggling to cope with pressure at work, have difficulty communicating with our partners, friends and loved ones or perhaps be experiencing feeling of sadness and grief because someone we care for has passed away.

Even if people who you feel close to are supportive you may still experience a sense of anxiety, loneliness and feelings of isolation.

You may be reluctant to share these uncomfortable emotions with others or even have difficulty admitting them even to yourself. Although confronting these painful feelings may feel like a difficult task, it can also be a liberating and life changing experience.

At The Counselling Practice we are committed to creating an honest, non-judgemental and supportive relationship with our clients. Together we will work through your thoughts and feelings, which if dealt with alone might feel overwhelming and insurmountable.

During counselling we will discuss your current situation, explore ways to support you to feel stronger and more content and help you to improve your sense of control over your life.

We will also help you to develop ways to get more of what you need from relationships, nurture a rewarding emotional life and get to know yourself better – your strengths as well as your limitations and enable you to develop realistic expectations for yourself that promote personal fulfilment and self esteem.

Please email info@thecounsellingpractice.com or call 07746 411222 for more information.